Delivery Only Policy

Our 5-Day Exchange Policy begins the day you receive the vehicle, regardless of time of day. During that time, you can drive it for up to 400 miles and exchange it. To exchange your vehicle, you must let us know prior to 8 p.m. EST on the 5th calendar day after receiving your vehicle.

We cannot accept an exchange if the car has been:


in an accident or damaged

altered from the condition it was delivered in

put on a lien or encumbrance other than any finance agreement made with Carvana

Additionally, if you drive the vehicle over 400 miles, we will not be able to exchange the vehicle.

The second vehicle received will NOT come with our 5-Day exchange policy.

If the car doesn’t have any of the issues listed above, the exchange will not be accepted if initiated within the 5 days no matter how you paid for the vehicle.

Depending on your bank’s processing time, refunds may take 7 – 10 business days to post in your account.

Shipping and dealer fees are nonrefundable.